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I'm currently the Chief of Creative at INVOKE, living in Cyberjaya with my wife and kid. I was trained in a creative advertising background from MMU. Wrote a book in 2015 titled Cerita Budak Design and own a folding bike. I also do videos on Youtube once a while.

My career started in 2010 when I was offered a job by the same company that I did my internship. The actual plan was to further my studies for Masters, but that didn't happen because the job offer did. That was when I was introduced to the musical theatre scene; my first was the Cuci The Musical 2.

In 2013, I applied and started working as a creative for Rafizi Ramli through National Oversight & Whistleblower, an NGO founded by Akmal Nasir and Rafizi himself. About a year later, I did my last musical theatre project. Then I decided to take a "sabbatical" job at a convention centre in Shah Alam before five months later in April 2016, I was back again working with Rafizi full time. November of the same year, INVOKE was born and I've been with the organization ever since.

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