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HDJ & Harinya Dalam Filem

I did a 12 days straight daily vlog starting on 26 February 2021. The plan was to keep doing it for as long as I could but after 12 days, a lot has been happening and the project simply stopped.

Why HDJ & Harinya Dalam Filem? Inspiration came from docu-series Pretend It's a City by Fran Lebowitz & Martin Scorsese and my binge-watching of Casey Neistat daily vlogs when I first saw one in 2019. So then I thought, let's get inspired and do something of it. Although my life wasn't that interesting plus I've only live life for about 16 years (considering life started after high-school), it is still a fun project to do and kinda perfect life documentation for the years to come.

Filem #1

Some others worth featuring: Filem #5 | Filem #8 | Filem #13

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