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Bina Semula Negara, a tour.

The political campaign tour where we go to places that no others would go. Big or small crowd, the show must go on. From big cities to small ones, kampung area, by the roadside, near a pasar malam, wherever we were allowed to park the truck, that's where we'll set it up and start campaigning.

The tour normally lasted for 2 days on the weekends, with an average total of 5-6 places. There are times where we would start the tour on a Friday. We encounter numerous kind of people, there were friendly and hostile ones, also hardcore fans that would travel for 2 hours just because they heard the news that we would be coming nearest to their locations.

We also livestream all of the tours.

In the middle of nowhere.

By the heavy traffic junction, near a pasar malam.

Show must go on.